3 Ways To Avoid A Laundry Room Plumbing Issue

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3 Ways to Avoid Laundry Room Plumbing Issues

When the weather gets warm outside … the laundry pile gets higher! Whether you’ve got a pile of dirty clothes after a long camping trip or you have a pile of beach towels after a day of water play, a malfunction with your washing machine would really be a problem.

Not only would a breakdown of your washing machine cause you not to get your chores done, but it could also impact your plumbing system and cause serious and expensive damage. The best way to avoid all of this is to keep your machine properly maintained:

  • All appliances need to be checked up on now and again, and your washing machine is no exception. Especially because on the back of the unit are hoses that connect it to your plumbing system. If these hoses are damaged or kinked in any way, water could back up into your plumbing system, causing a pipe to burst.
  • On the back of your washing machine is a drain that connects to your plumbing system. This drain is designed to carry the used water away from your tub and into your sewer or septic lines. If this hose gets clogged, the backup could cause a serious flood all over the floor of your laundry area. After you do a load of laundry, make sure to clean the tub of the machine out and remove any paper, cosmetics, or toys that may have been accidentally left in your pockets, etc.
  • Your washing machine is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, and during the summer months, especially because of the hot weather. After you do a load of laundry, your washing machine tub is still moist, and mold and mildew can easily grow. Keep the lid or door open to your unit when you are not using it to allow all of the water to dry out.

As with any major appliance, your washing machine needs consistent maintenance. The difference is if your washing machine breaks down, the impact could travel into your plumbing system and cause a significant amount of damage. Follow these tips to keep your washing machine maintained and your plumbing system safe.

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