6 Warning Calls from Your Sewer That You Need to Act On

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Sewer Lines Warning Calls

Sewer problems are more common than you imagine. Los Angeles County alone spends $479 million a year on the replacement and rehabilitation of damaged sewers. That’s a lot. As a homeowner, you can save on sewer cleaning if you call a plumber as soon as you notice any of these signs of sewer trouble.

Six Warning Calls

These are six warning signs that all is not well with your sewer, and you should be calling a plumber for an inspection right away.

Gurgling Sounds

If you wake up one day to find gurgling sounds coming out of one of your drains, suspect Batman or a clog in your sewer. In either case, you should call a professional armed with a drain auger or water jetter to silence your plumbing.

Wet Spots in Your Yard

You may notice wet spots in your yard, especially during summer. If all of the wet spots fall in a line that runs parallel to your sewer, call a plumber immediately. Your sewer pipe may have leaked.

Strange Smells

Sewer gas is pungent, so even a small leak is detected easily. Strange smells in your bathroom or kitchen are a sign of a clogged sewer line. Brace yourself for worse—a leak—if the smell covers the yard like invisible smog.

Fluctuations in Water Level

If the water level in your toilet is low one day and high the next, and if this thing persists for a few days, you can be sure that it’s a sign of a bigger issue about your sewer line.

Frequent Clogging

The drains in your bathroom or kitchen can clog occasionally. That’s natural. Often, clogging is easy to fix. But an increase in the frequency at which you have to use a drain cleaner may suggest a problem with your sewer line.

The Age of Your Sewer

For most of us in Santa Cruz, sewer lines are out of sight and, thus, out of mind. So we rarely consider the fact that they age and need a replacement. Pieces of roots or tree waste in your pipes are a strong sign that your pipes are aging and need a professional inspection.

Benefits of Professional Sewer Cleaning

Professional cleaning in time removes clogs, keeps water flowing smoothly, and prevents future problems with your sewer line.

  • Fewer Blockages. Small blockages can be annoying, but big ones can be downright damaging. Professional cleaning can protect your property from damage.
  • Weaker Malodors. The smell from a damaged sewer is repulsive and hard to contain. Keep the sewer line clean and stay free of odors.
  • Cleaner Homes. An overflowing sewer is particularly concerning to people with basements. Avoid such scenarios by calling a Santa Cruz plumber in time.
  • Low Expenses. Malfunctioning sewers lead to unsanitary conditions in your home and yard and often require expensive replacements. Avoid replacements with timely repairs.
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Why Duncan Plumbing?

Duncan Plumbing is dedicated to bringing you unprecedented sewer drain cleaning service in Santa Cruz. When we come to clean sewers, we bring more than just licensed and insured plumbers and 17 years of experience with us.

  • You Receive Honest Pricing – Let’s accept it. Too many sewer drain cleaning companies take advantage of homeowners who cannot think straight because a plumbing emergency has hit them. We never do that, and that factor alone has allowed us to stick around for more than 17 years.
  • You Get Top-Notch Work – Duncan Plumbing has been in business since 2000. It is the quality of our plumbing services that has led to many of our customers calling us back again and again.
  • You Can Call Us Anytime – You don’t want to wait when your sewer is blocked or leaking. Should you notice a problem with your sewer, you can call us any time of the day and any day of the week, and we will come to you wherever you are in Aptos, Rio del Mar, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, or Soquel.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Menu Pricing Reduces the Risk of Expensive Repairs – We have been in the sewer drain cleaning industry for so long that we have encountered almost every imaginable problem. So we don’t bill you by the hour for some problems and are willing to take the risk ourselves. You pay a flat rate, irrespective of whether we spend two or eight hours on the job.
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It is never smart to overlook an issue with your sewer because doing so will only lead to more severe problems down the road. If you come across any of the signs of sewer trouble highlighted in this blog, contact Duncan Plumbing. Yours contacting us will ensure that your problem is fixed in a timely, efficient, and budget-friendly manner.

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