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Grease trap maintenance important to restaurants

Why Clean Your Grease Trap Frequently

Cleaning your trap One of the most important reasons to clean your grease trap frequently is because the longer waste is trapped, the stronger the odors.  Also, according to your professional Santa Cruz plumber, fruit flies will accumulate and collect, resulting in a breeding frenzy that in most cases will require an aggressive growth inhibitor pest…
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Pressure relif valve water heater replacement - duncan plumbing

Reducing High Pressure Saves Water

Working with water piping Temperature and pressure relief valves, usually called T&P valves, release water from a water heater when the temperature and pressure inside the tank become dangerously high.  This usually happens when a thermostat sticks and won’t shut off.  People die from water heater explosions every year caused by defective (or missing) T&P…
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Water heater anatomy - duncan plumbing

Basic Water Heater Anatomy: An Ounce of Prevention

With the holidays approaching, few things will make your family and guests as grumpy as being without hot water for a shower when they want it.  Water heaters, according to the Santa Cruz plumbing experts, (which are powered by gas in about half the homes in the United States, and by electricity in the other…
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Removing a waste disposal unit jammed - duncan plumbing

Restarting A Jammed Garbage Disposal Unit

Waste disposal units Garbage disposers come in two designs:  continuous feed and batch feed.  The continuous units allow you to push the waste directly into the top opening so it can be ground up and flushed away into the house drain system.  They are switch operated, usually from a wall next to the sink. Batch…
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Repairing older faucets - duncan plumbing

Repairing Older Faucets

Stem Compression Faucets Older two-handle faucets, have stems that move up and down as the handle is turned.  A rubber washer at the bottom of the stem presses against a seat in the faucet body, says the plumbing of Santa Cruz experts, to seal out water.  If the washer or the seat becomes worn, water seeps…
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Redytemp recirculator system installation

Run Water Lines To A Recirculator

RedyTemp® system In a typical water system, there’s at least one faucet whose distance from the water heater requires running a significant amount of cold water down the drain until the hot water reaches the fixture.  According to your reliable Santa Cruz plumber, this practice is extremely wasteful, but with a recirculator, it becomes unnecessary.…
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