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10 diy plumbing tips

10 DIY Plumbing Tips That Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Money

February 13, 2019

Are you tired of hiring plumbing services for issues that you could fix or avoid yourself? We know it’s not always necessary for homeowners to call out a plumber for issues like drain cleaning. With these quick tips, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of time and money, fixing many of the common…

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4 useful tips for common plumbing problems - santa cruz ca

4 Useful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

August 24, 2017

Four handy tips from your local plumber to keep your plumbing in shape and save you time, money, and much frustration. Don’t Use a Plunger to Remove Hard Objects from Toilets and Drain That will only worsen the problem by pushing the object—which can be a comb, toothbrush, or toy—deeper into the toilet or drain.…

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How plumbing vents work

How Plumbing Vents Work

January 13, 2017

When you think about it, plumbing and vents don’t sound like they could go together. A vent in plumbing may sound like another name for a drain, but that isn’t anywhere near the truth. In fact, plumbing vents have a specific purpose that makes them especially important and needed in certain situations, and here’s what…

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Common plumbing issues

3 Common Plumbing Issues

May 21, 2015

Plumbing issues come up periodically and for the most part they are relatively benign. Most homeowners are well equipped to handle the basics, but if you are unfamiliar with your plumbing system and the troubles that can arise even a simple breakdown can be stressful. Here are some of the more common plumbing issues: Leaks.…

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Benefits to installing pressure reducing valves

Benefits To Installing Pressure Reducing Valves

May 3, 2015

High water pressure in your home can cause a whole host of troubles with your plumbing system. Things like banging pipes, loud dishwasher and washing machines, and leaks can all be attributed to high water pressure. Not to mention the impact that it has on your water and power bills each month. Even just a…

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