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Replacement upgrade your sump pump

Replacement Upgrade Your Sump Pump

November 20, 2014

Remove the old sump pump. A sump pump assists in removing water from a wet basement, transforming it into a usable space. According to the Santa Cruz plumbing expert, before you buy a sump pump, first identify the source of the water in your basement.  If water seeps into your basement because of a high…

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Restarting a jammed garbage disposal unit

Restarting A Jammed Garbage Disposal Unit

October 8, 2014

Waste Disposal Units Garbage disposers come in two designs:  continuous feed and batch feed.  The continuous units allow you to push the waste directly into the top opening so it can be ground up and flushed away into the house drain system.  They are switch-operated, usually from a wall next to the sink. Batch feed…

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Water filtration system

Installing a Whole-house Water Filtration System

August 6, 2014

Water filtration systems A whole-house water filtration system is installed along the supply pipe carrying water to the house, located after the water meter, but before any other appliances in the pipe line. A whole-house system reduces the same elements as an under-sink system and can also help reduce the iron flowing into the water…

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Setting up a laundry room

Setting Up a Laundry Room

July 22, 2014

Wash & Dry Space A laundry room doesn’t have to be a dull or boring place where you only go to throw your dirty clothes. Think about the great outdoors in summertime!  There is nothing more refreshing than hanging laundry out in the bright sunshine.  Bring that ambiance indoors with these setting up a laundry…

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Tub drain assembly repair - duncan plumbing

Tub Drain Assembly Repair

June 25, 2014

Toe-operated drain plug ♦There comes a time when every drain assembly needs to be replaced, say the experts at Duncan plumbing. The reason could be that the finish on the assembly has deteriorated, or the linkage is broken, or you want to make an aesthetic change from chrome to polished brass. For this type of…

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