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Effects of a Clogged Storm Drain and Its Possible Solutions - Santa Cruz, CA Duncan Plumbing

Effects of a Clogged Storm Drain and Possible Solutions

November 13, 2016

A storm drain, which is sometimes known as a catch basin, is essentially used to collect water run-off from rain water while channeling it out and away from buildings, yards, parking lots or other areas where it might pool and potentially cause damage. Clogged storm drains negate this function, and if not taken care of…

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Alternatives to Open Trench Sewer Repair

August 20, 2014

Leaking sewer lines and joints Stop accepting that nauseating sewer smell coming from your basement. No homeowner should ever have to avoid “the basement” because of a foul smell or black, greasy puddles of sewage, says the most referred Santa Cruz plumbing specialist. If your sewer has misaligned and/or the joints in your sewer line…

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Trenchless Sewer Repair A Better Option

July 30, 2014

Traditional excavation is a high-impact way to do sewer pipe repair or replacement in Santa Cruz. For some problems, it’s the only option. But why dig if you don’t have to? Trenchless sewer repair uses the latest technology to reinforce your old damaged sewer pipe with durable modern plastic pipes. This noninvasive method uses just…

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