Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Plumbing Projects

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Home Plumbing Projects

37910646_sThere are do’s and don’ts for all home improvement projects. Some of these are about efficiency and others are about budget. When it comes to your plumbing system though, the do’s and don’ts are about safety.

The sewer portion of your plumbing system is filled with dangerous bacteria and gasses, which could be harmful to your health if they are accidentally splashed in your eyes, inhaled, or even ingested. Additionally, sometimes chemicals are poured down the drain of your plumbing system, which gets caught in a clog and may splash into your eyes or make contact with your skin causing serious irritation and even burning.

Any time you are working on your plumbing system, follow these don’ts so that your safety and project success remains a do:

  • Don’t work while impaired. This is a common-sense point but, it doesn’t always mean alcohol and drugs. Taking an allergy medication or, not getting enough sleep or, even having a severe cold or the flu can all impair your ability to safely complete a plumbing project without injury. Make sure you are in top condition before you begin work on your plumbing project.
  • Don’t cut corners. When working on your plumbing system, make sure to use tools only as they are intended. Trying to work around a situation without the right tool can easily lead to injury and, at the least, could seriously damage your plumbing system
  • Don’t ignore safety codes. Before you start working on your plumbing project, make sure to research the entire project and that you are familiar with all applicable codes and regulations before you start. Getting into a project and learning that something unexpected has come up is much more difficult than knowing it was coming
  • Don’t keep a messy work area. The area that you are working in should always be free from tools, cuttings, garbage, and appliances. Don’t have cords running across the floor that could get tripped on. Or, have power tools still plugged in when you are not using them. Make sure to clean up after yourself as you go along with your project.

Plumbing projects are delicate and should be handled with care. Your plumbing system is specially pressurized to leverage the gravity that brings water to and from your home. If the pressure is altered in any way, you could be faced with a clog that shoots out of a drain like a cannon or, a leak that goes from a trip to a spray. In any case, it is important to stay safe and be prepared.

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