How To Manage The Back To School Chaos – Without Compromising Your Plumbing

How To Manage The Back To School Chaos – Without Compromising Your Plumbing - DNow that school is back in session families are in the throws of chaos trying to get out the door for school and work on time. With everyone needing to be somewhere on time, it can be enticing to cut corners and try to save a few minutes here and there.

Your plumbing system is complex and might seem durable but, actually it is very vulnerable and can easily fail if not treated right. Here are some tips for getting out the door on time, without compromising your plumbing system:

  • Make sure to always wash full loads in the dishwasher and washing machines. It might be more convenient to wash just the breakfast dishes before you leave the house, but this causes a serious drain on your electrical system. In fact, nearly 90% of your power bill can be attributed to your plumbing appliances.
  • Add bath mats to your bathroom floor and make sure to lay down a towel if young kids are in the bathtub or shower. Most accidents and injuries in the bathroom occur due to slip and falls because of how slippery the bathroom floor can get. With the need for speed when it comes to getting ready in the morning, people might be running in and out of the bathroom, and mixed with water on the floor, that can lead to serious accidents.
  • Make sure that the bathroom fan is running during showers and grooming. This removes any condensation from the air that can accumulate as standing water. Most often, this standing water happens around the bottom of the toilet from the condensation on the toilet bowl. When the condensation pools as water on the floor, it can leak under the flooring and cause mold and mildew to grow on the subfloor.
  • Use your garbage disposal responsibly. Even if you are running late to get dinner on the table, don’t send a whole pile of noodles or rice into the garbage disposal. This can quickly cause a clog, which will require that your sink be taken apart – something that will definitely halt your schedule.

The back to school chaos is in full swing and we all need to make sure and be mindful about the habits that we start now. Rather than making it common to cut corners and compromise your plumbing system, follow these tips and prevent plumbing failures.

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