New and Innovative: A Vessel-Sink Conversion

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Sink conversion trending

Dresser-to-bathroom-sink-vanity-1One of the newest trends in interior design is cabinetry that looks like furniture.  You can cash in on this trend – and save yourself some cash – by picking an attractive piece of furniture (antique if you like the style), and converting it into a vanity for a vessel sink.

Installing The Sink

First, find a piece of furniture that matches the decor of the room. Mark the location of the bowl, typically dead center on the top of the piece. Make sure, however, that the bowl does not extend beyond the back of the furniture against the wall.

  • Dresser-to-bathroom-sink-vanityUsing a hole saw, drill a hole large enough to accommodate the tail piece and drain assembly.
  • (For large bottom concave sinks, cut the hole with a jigsaw.) Then with a homemade or manufacturer’s template, drill holes for studs if your sink requires them.
  • Attach the tail piece to the sink.
  • Set the tail piece into the hole and note any parts of the vanity that will block the drain or water line.
  • Drill through or remove anything in the way, but don’t weaken the structure unless you can reinforce it later.
  • If you make a drawer inoperable in the process, you can remove the drawer front and glue it back on the cabinet.
  • Slide your new vanity into position, attach the P-trap and water lines, turn the water on and check for leaks.


When sizing the sink recess, says the most reliable Santa Cruz plumber, open a hole large enough for the drain assembly.  Some sinks will require additional holes for studs. Others will need a large area cut out for the bottom of the sink. Oval glass vessels will need metal bases to give them flat supporting surfaces.


Make sure to install a high-tower faucet. They are several inches taller than standard faucets.

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