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How Can I Save Water This Summer?

By Scott Duncan | July 28, 2015

When you think of your plumbing system you probably think about your toilet, sinks, and showers but not so much your sprinkler system. However, if you think of it from a water conservation perspective it is easy to see how your sprinkler system could be part of your plumbing system. Here are some steps that…

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3 Plumbing Maintenance Tasks To Tackle This Summer

By Scott Duncan | July 15, 2015

Summer is the perfect time of year for rest and rejuvenation. Not only is this important for your mind and body but, it’s also good for your home. In fact, with the extra hours of sunlight each day during the summer, this is the perfect season for taking on some maintenance projects around your home.…

Tips For Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance

By Scott Duncan | June 21, 2015

Most of us only think of our plumbing as being inside of the house. However, during the summer months we begin to interact with a whole other portion of our plumbing system – outdoors. The plumbing on the outside of the house needs attention the same as the indoor plumbing does. Here are some things…

Plumbing Considerations For New Homes

By Scott Duncan | June 8, 2015

Now that spring is starting to warm up and the number of schools days left is in the single digits, it is almost time to welcome summer. This is the time of year when many families take vacations to tropical locations, spend weekends camping, and entertaining friends at patio cookouts. This is also the time…

3 Common Plumbing Issues

By Scott Duncan | May 21, 2015

Plumbing issues come up periodically and for the most part they are relatively benign. Most homeowners are well equipped to handle the basics, but if you are unfamiliar with your plumbing system and the troubles that can arise even a simple breakdown can be stressful. Here are some of the more common plumbing issues: Leaks.…

Benefits To Installing Pressure Reducing Valves

By Scott Duncan | May 3, 2015

High water pressure in your home can cause a whole host of troubles with your plumbing system. Things like banging pipes, loud dishwasher and washing machines, and leaks can all be attributed to high water pressure. Not to mention the impact that it has on your water and power bills each month. Even just a…

New Water Heater Regulations

By Scott Duncan | April 24, 2015

As of April 16 the Department of Energy (DOE) will implement new water heater regulations for all residential gas, electric, and oil powered water heaters. These new regulations are in an effort to make water heaters more efficient and lower the energy bills for homeowners. However, with increased energy-efficiency comes an increase in the upfront…

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Spring To-Dos For Your Plumbing

By Scott Duncan | April 6, 2015

Spring is the time of year when people think of cleaning out the old and starting fresh. Sometimes this is as simple as organizing the garage, or having a yard sale to get rid of all of the stuff that’ been stored in the attic. Other times it means adding a deck to your home…

Spring Time Plumbing Maintenance

By Scott Duncan | March 23, 2015

Spring is the perfect time to check and provide maintenance for the plumbing systems and appliances in your home. The winter weather can be harsh on your home’s plumbing and with the heavy rains that spring is known for the last thing you want is a malfunction with your plumbing. Here are some areas of…