Plumbing Considerations For New Homes

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32407520_sNow that spring is starting to warm up and the number of schools days left is in the single digits, it is almost time to welcome summer. This is the time of year when many families take vacations to tropical locations, spend weekends camping, and entertaining friends at patio cookouts. This is also the time of year when the most homes are sold.

Once the summer months hit, school is out for break and families begin to plan their relocation. Whether it is for work or to be closer to family, most people prefer to make their move during the warm summer months because there is no concern about bad weather or, disrupting their children’s school schedule.

Unfortunately, within one year of moving up to 45% of all homebuyers discover there is something wrong with their new home. A major system in a new home is the plumbing and this system must be in top working order at all times for day to day tasks to be completed. Finding that the plumbing system in your new home isn’t working right can be stressful and discouraging. To help prevent this, here are some areas of the home to look at closely when you are shopping for a new home:

Turn the water on in one of the bathrooms and also in the kitchen at the same time. If you notice that there is a significant reduction in water pressure at either location, when they are both on simultaneously, this could indicate that the plumbing pipes in the home have mineral build-up that has reduced the diameter of the pipes. This would be a good reason to schedule a video camera inspection of the pipes to see if hydo-jetting or other pipe cleaning procedures would be beneficial.

If the home you are thinking of buying has a basement, check to see if there are any pipes that are exposed or, not insulated. Look around at the walls, ceiling, and flooring to see if there are any signs of a recent leak or flood. Ask the realtor if there has ever been flooding or water damage in the home and what steps were taken to address it.

Buying a new home is a big decision and for most people it is the biggest purchase they will ever make. Follow these tips to make sure that the plumbing system in your new home isn’t going to give you any problems any time soon.

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