Spring Time Plumbing Maintenance

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Spring Time Plumbing Maintenance

21477511_sSpring is the perfect time to check and provide maintenance for the plumbing systems and appliances in your home. The winter weather can be harsh on your home’s plumbing and with the heavy rains that spring is known for the last thing you want is a malfunction with your plumbing.

Here are some areas of your plumbing that should receive annual maintenance during the spring season:

Check shut-off valves to make sure they are engaging and not getting stuck.

Clean the mineral deposits off of fixtures and faucets to make sure the water flow is steady and unimpeded.

Ensure that all drains have strainers that are new and without cracks, rips, or tears. Clean the strainers regularly

Give your garbage disposal some TLC. Pour about a gallon of hot water with baking soda to clear any build-up and odor

Test your sump pump to make sure it is working properly. Double-check the back-up power source for your sump pump

Check the washing machine hoses to make sure they are not leaking, bulging, or cracked. Replace hoses that are older than 10 years. Install stainless steel hoses rather than rubber.

Check your toilet for leaks. Make sure the seal on the floor is smooth and without cracks or pieces missing. Make sure the toilet flushes without needing to hold or jiggle the handle

Make sure the temperature setting for your water heater is 120F. Schedule your water heater to be flushed annually

Your plumbing needs regular maintenance just like any other major system in your home. Some fixtures need annual maintenance and some need checks even more often. This is just a short list of the maintenance tasks that you should keep in mind for spring. If you have any questions or would like to learn about other maintenance that should be performed on your plumbing don’t hesitate to contact us!

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