Tips For Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance

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36235050_sMost of us only think of our plumbing as being inside of the house. However, during the summer months we begin to interact with a whole other portion of our plumbing system – outdoors. The plumbing on the outside of the house needs attention the same as the indoor plumbing does. Here are some things to keep track of:

Hose. Most people have at least one hose outside the house. If not, you at least have a spigot that you can connect a hose to. It is not unusual to use the garden hose several times per week during the summer, whether it is to water the plants – or, the kids. Each time that you put your hose(s) away, take a minute to make sure that there aren’t any spots on the hose itself that are cracked or leaking. A leaking garden hose can waste over 20 gallons of water in just one day. Also, when you turn the water to the hose on, check the connection to the spigot and make sure that there isn’t any water leaking. Even if the leak is only when the water is turned on, this means that more water than necessary is coming from the spigot and that is going to be reflected on your water bill.

Irrigation. While the hose is a semi-effective irrigation tool, many folks have a sprinkler or drip system installed outside. These are very convenient and make watering all of your plants and shrubs easier and less time-consuming. However, each of these systems is comprised of many little tubes and pipes and each must be checked from time to time, ensuring there aren’t any leaks. Also, when you are mowing the lawn, be mindful of these systems and avoid running the lawn mower over them as this will surely cause significant damage.

Shower. Outdoor showers are not an uncommon as you might think. Many people have an outdoor shower as part of their pool area for cleaning off before and after getting into the pool. If you have an outdoor shower, make sure not to ignore the drain when you are checking your outdoor plumbing. A drain clog in your outdoor shower will be just as frustrating as one inside. And, a clog in the outdoor shower is more likely because of all of the debris that blows around during the spring and fall seasons.

Getting your plumbing summer ready does not start and stop at the front door. Follow these suggestions and make sure that your outdoor plumbing is not neglected!

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