What Does Diamond Certified Mean To Our Clients?

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There isn’t anything more important for a business then a strong reputation and having the credibility that current and potential clients can count on. The Duncan Plumbing team always strives to service our clients in the best manner possible and to be fair and follow through on any commitment we make. We also know that hearing how great of a job we will do directly from us, the business, may not always be quite enough to convince customers to give us the opportunity for their business.

This thinking was the behind the reason for Diamond Certified and the reason to have an unbiased 3rd party that had a process in place to fairly evaluate how we do business and if necessary the ability to hold us accountable.

Being Diamond certified is not a label given away lightly or purchased. It is a merit and certification that has to be earned and maintained. Diamond Certified backs up every transaction with the powerful Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee.

We are proud to be Diamond Certified and we truly hope if gives you that little extra piece of mind when dealing with our team at Duncan Plumbing.

Why Choose Duncan Plumbing?

Duncan Plumbing provides a wide range of plumbing services for residential and commercial clients throughout Santa Cruz County. In addition to handling general plumbing work like drain clearing, fixture repairs and water heater installations, the company has the training and equipment to offer specialized services like radiant heating system repairs, sewer line inspections and repairs, and copper and PEX re-piping.

Owner Scott Duncan says Duncan Plumbing’s customer-oriented business approach has been a crucial aspect of its success. “From the time a customer calls us to the time we complete the job, their satisfaction is our number one priority. We fix problems in a timely and efficient manner, and we follow up after each service call to see how everything went. Our customers really appreciate how attentive we are to their needs.”

Duncan Plumbing is available 24/7 to handle plumbing emergencies, which Mr. Duncan says gives its customers an additional sense of security. “We understand that emergencies happen, whether it’s a burst pipe or broken hot water heater, so we do our best to make ourselves available to our customers. They know they can count on us to take care of them, no matter what plumbing problems they have.”

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