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Trenchless Technology for Water and Sewer Pipe System

As the metropolitan areas of the United States grow and become more populated, there is more of an interest to protect investments making the need for trenchless pipe solutions greater.

Trenchless technology is ideal for installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining water and sewer pipe systems. Having trees as part of landscaping has many benefits – and detriments. Tree roots can cause major damage to water and sewer lines by growing within the pipes and causing them to crack from the inside out.

However, with trenchless pipe replacement technology you can have peace of mind that if a tree’s roots do damage your water or sewer pipes, they can be replaced with needing to dig a trench and damage your foundation, garage, walkway, landscaping, or deck. This is a proven break-through method and is quickly growing into the standard practice for many underground pipe jobs.

At Duncan Plumbing our team of professional plumbers is proficient at implementing a trenchless approach for repairing, replacing, and installing water and sewer lines, and we have successfully completed several of these jobs all over Santa Cruz County.

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Benefits of a Trenchless Installation:

Less Expensive - in comparison with the cost and time investment of other options. Additionally, you will be spared the cost of having to replace your patio, deck, or garage because trenchless installation eliminates the need to dig.

Quick - most jobs can be completed in 2-3 days. Water and sewage structures are typically off-line for only a few hours.

Clean and Low-Impact - You will see very little evidence of the installation as there will be no need to dig.

Benefits of a Trenchless Installation:

Efficient Set-up - Two to three days is the timelines for most jobs. Typically water and sewage systems are unavailable only a few hours.

Low-Impact Installation - There is little evidence left behind after trenchless installation because no digging is required.

Cost-effective - You won’t have to pay to have your driveway, patio, or walkway replaced. Give the experts at Duncan Plumbing a call today to discuss our trenchless approach to pipe installations.

Benefits of a Trenchless Installation:

Less Expensive - It can be less expensive because you won’t have the added costs of replacing any surrounding areas that are damaged or destroyed during digging.

Quick - It is typically a quick process taking only two to three days to complete most jobs. Usually water and sewer systems are only disabled for a few hours.

Clean and Low-Impact - The impact is low because there is no digging required so little evidence will be left that you had any plumbing maintenance.

Benefits of a Trenchless Installation:

Cost efficiency - the cost of replacing patios, driveways, garages, etc. will be avoided.

Installation is quick - normally a job will only take two to three days and the water and/or sewer system(s) will only need to be unavailable for a couple of hours.

Installation is low impact - when the job is over there will be minor evidence that anything ever happened because there is no need to dig up anything.

Benefits of a Trenchless Installation:

Less Costly - in comparison with restoration expenses and time to remove and replace existing objects such as veranda, decks, sidewalks, carports, etc.

Timely Installation - 2-3 days is all that is required for the majority of jobs. Water and sewage systems can only be off-line for a few hours.

Installation is Low-Impact - Little sign of installing, since it is pulled underground through the existing pipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe, if you are qualified and your work does not encroach in the public right of way.

ABS, PVC, and SDR piping are typical materials required for sewer pipes. Qualified plumbers or Local building inspectors can give you accurate information

If you get a building permit or are selling your home, they are required. It is also a wise idea if you experience a blockage as blockages can also be indicative of a damaged sewer pipe.

Yes, Plumbers are the only type of contractor that is licensed to install gas lines in your home or business.

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