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Drain cleaning service - santa cruz ca

Drain Cleaning

We know you have better things to do than call us because you have a clogged drain or a backed up drain. That is why we make sure you get a trained, qualified , professional plumber to fix your problem.


Emergency Plumbing

Plumbing obstacles can have a disastrous outcome, putting not only your complete plumbing system, but also your home and belongings at risk.

Sewer line replacement santa cruz - duncan plumbing

Sewer Lines

As the metropolitan areas of the United States grow and become more populated, there is more of an interest to protect investments making the need for trenchless pipe solutions greater.

Regular water heater maintenance

Water Heaters

We install several types of water heaters for our customers depending on their specific needs. Whatever type of water heater you choose, Duncan Plumbing has a qualified plumber to come to your house and assess your specific needs and provide you with a water heater installation that matches your lifestyle and your budget.

Emergency sewer system backups service

Sewer Systems Backups

When a septic tank or sewage pipe gets backed up, it can lead to extensive problems. We always recommend tackling the blockage as soon as possible – preferably with the help of an experienced plumbing technician.

Do You Have an Urgent Plumbing Problem That Can’t Wait?

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