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Signs That Your Sewer System Is Backed Up

There are many things that can back up your plumbing pipes, from tree roots to trash and debris. At Duncan Plumbing, we help property owners clear out sewer system blockages and deal with common pipe threats. 

When a septic tank or sewage pipe gets backed up, it can lead to extensive problems. We always recommend tackling the blockage as soon as possible – preferably with the help of an experienced plumbing technician.

Emergency sewer system backups service

You may be dealing with a sewer backup if you notice…

  • Odors Coming From the Drain

    Your sewer system should be transporting wastewater away from the property. If you notice foul, sewage-like smells emanating from drains, you’re probably dealing with a serious mainline sewage clog or broken pipe..

  • Sewage Coming Out of a Cleanout Pipe

    A cleanout pipe, or a “capped” pipe, provides direct access to your sewer line. If you notice wastewater escaping through this pipe, there may be a sewer blockage, likely in your crawlspace or outside.

  • Bubbling Drains or Toilets

    Air bubbles may appear when wastewater is unable to flow through your plumbing system properly. Pay attention – even small bubbles in your drains or toilets can be indicative of a significant sewer problem.

  • Slow Draining in Fixtures

    Drains tend to run slowly when wastewater is unable to flow through your pipes and/or sewer line. If you are dealing with a blockage, you might notice drainage problems on your first floor or basement.

  • Clogs in Multiple Drains

    The occasional clogged sink isn’t usually indicative of a sewer-related issue. However, if you notice that more than one of the drains in your home is clogged at once, you may be facing a sewage clog.

Have you noticed any of the above warning signs? If so, contact Duncan Plumbing, and we’ll determine if a sewer backup is to blame.

Common Causes of Sewer System Backups

  • Roots icon

    Tree Roots

    Roots from nearby trees can sometimes grow and seek moisture located near and within your sewage pipes. When these roots create holes, grow around the pipe, or infiltrate the system, they can cause intense sewer backups. 

  • Blocked drain icon


    We often see sewer backups caused by blockages in drain pipes or main sewer lines underground. These clogs can be caused by a variety of materials, from cooking grease to knots of old hair. 

  • Rain water icon


    Although Santa Cruz isn’t an especially wet location, the occasional rainstorm could result in a sewer backup. Large amounts of rain can cause municipal sewer systems to reach maximum capacity, forcing excess water to travel back into your property’s sewer pipes.

  • Rain water icon

    Cracked Sewer Pipes

    Sewer backups are especially prevalent in old pipes, which are susceptible to cracking and leaking. If your home relies on cast iron or clay pipes, your risk of a sewer backup may be higher than that of other, more modern properties.

Confirming the sewer pipe problem

Emergency Santa Cruz Sewer Backup Services

We understand that disasters can happen quickly, such as serious sewer backups. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services to the residents of Santa Cruz. 

If wastewater is flooding into your home or your toilet seems severely clogged, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll act quickly to minimize the risk to your building, property, and loved ones. 

What to Do If Your Sewer Line Is Overflowing

After calling in professionals for help, you can stall the progression of a sewer backup or flood by: 

  1. Shutting off your main water system.
  2. Turning off the electricity (if the water is near electrical outlets).
  3. Avoiding the contaminated space. 
  4. Wearing a face covering, gloves, and boots if you must enter the space.
  5. Properly and carefully discard contaminated materials. 

These steps can help you minimize the damage until your emergency plumber arrives. For more guidance, feel free to call our experts at 831-476-1712.

When Should You Call Duncan Plumbing?

We understand that your initial move might not be to call a plumber immediately. After all, DIYing some plumbing problems is fine. 

However, keep in mind that raw sewage backups can require extensive, complicated solutions. Our team typically uses special tools (such as drain augers or cable devices) to tackle the problem, as well as years of hard-earned knowledge and experience. 

If you suspect that your sewer blockage has been building for some time or that it involves a serious issue like tree root invasion, contact us. We’ll tackle the sewer blockage correctly and minimize the disruption – and risk – to your household.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The key to avoiding sewer system problems is regular maintenance. This includes addressing drainage issues as they appear, monitoring plants' proximity and roots, and scheduling annual plumbing inspections.


Preventative maintenance can save property owners thousands of dollars by preventing and quickly identifying any plumbing problems – before they escalate to serious sewer backups.

At Duncan Plumbing, we don’t just provide emergency plumbing services and sewer backup remedies. We’re also here to help with your regular plumbing maintenance to prevent issues from building up.

The main sewer line tends to back up when there are clogs or blockages in the pipes. As a result, the sewage system becomes overloaded, and waste is pushed back through the line and into the home or business. Typically, these overflows occur in basement drains, toilets, or bathtubs/showers.

Most sewer backup appointments take a couple of hours to complete, although more extensive issues may require a full day of service. Ask your plumbing technician for a time estimate based on the location and severity of the backup.

As much as you might wish a sewer backup could resolve itself, it won’t. You’ll need special equipment and training to adequately handle the problem – and we’ll provide just that.

Do you feel like you’ve dealt with more than your fair share of sewer backups? You may be making a few mistakes that clog your pipes.

First, ensure that you’re only flushing toilet paper and human waste down the toilets. Using your toilet as a trashcan and disposing of other materials there can quickly cause extensive plumbing issues. 

Also, remember never to wash grease, fats, or oils down your sink drains. These substances should be placed in a container (like a coffee can or jar) and allowed to harden, then disposed of in the trash – not via the plumbing system.

The cost of removing a sewer system backup varies depending on the cleaning method used, the severity of the issue, and the location of the blockage. Some issues, such as the invasion of tree roots, are more complicated to handle than others, like simple debris clogs. 

Typically, property owners can expect to spend between $250 and $1,300 on sewer backup services. Contact Duncan Plumbing today to obtain a more specific quote for your situation.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority!

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