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What Our Plumbers Know About Drains and Drain Cleaning?

What you won't hear from other plumbing companies is that you can prevent your drains from being clogged in the first place.

The truth is that a properly installed and vented sewer line that is in healthy shape will not ever clog unless there is foreign debris in the drain. Foreign debris is defined as anything that does not belong in your drain or toilet such as q-tips, handy wipes, paper towels, feminine products, roots, etc.

When our plumbers are called to your house to clear your clogged drain, you can be assured that they have not only the appropriate equipment to clear your drain but also the knowledge to provide you with a solution to prevent you from having to call us back again.


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Great Reasons to Hire Duncan Plumbing

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    Live Answer 24/7

    As local & licensed Santa Cruz, CA plumbers you can count on the experience & professionalism that Duncan Plumbing has built our name around. We feature highly-skilled and respectful plumbers who pride themselves on delivering tremendous customer satisfaction and optimum attention to detail.

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    The local residents and business owners have depended on us to manage all of their plumbing and drain needs. From very easy fixes to total re-piping, we have the expertise and skillful team members to service, repair & install any system.

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    Plumbing is one of those things that should only be carried out by a widely experienced professional, errors are not only incredibly expensive to correct but can also create harmful health hazards over time. Let the responsible plumbers at Duncan make your hassles a thing of your past.

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    We pride ourselves on providing our neighbors with the supreme level of residential and commercial plumbing products. Our community involvement and pride in our county make us a top-rated choice for all of your plumbing needs! Are you looking to re-pipe with copper or PEX? Do you have to have pipes located or video inspected? Or, maybe you just have a blocked drain? Our primary goal at Duncan Plumbing is to supply resolution to the irritations you have, however big or small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but not very effective towards clearing a blockage in a pipe.

Yes, qualified plumbers are best suited to the size and install sump pumps and related systems.

Usually, yes. You would need a 1.5" drain to connect 2 sinks together.

Depends on if you are talking about water sewer or gas pipes. If you need this information, consult your local plumber.

Yes, Plumbers are the only type of contractor that is licensed to install gas lines in your home or business.

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Tips for Home Owners

Having a plunger on hand allows home owners to use their muscles and not chemicals to loosen the clog, which is effective and safe. When just one drain is clogged it usually means that the problem is local and may be removed with proper plunger techniques. Home owners will want to prepare boiling water to pour directly into the drain this will help loosen the clog as the homeowner begins to plunge the clog free.

When all else fails the home owner may then have to contact us to help them eliminate their clogged drains. Safely attempting to clear the drain on their own may help the plumber recognize the problem quicker which will bring the resolution of the problem as quickly and safely as possible.

How to Clear Clogged Drains Safely?

Any times people rush out to the grocery store to purchase liquid drain cleaners. This is neither the safest nor the most efficient way to clear clogged drains. In fact, some of these products when they come into contact with different cleaners can cause an eruption of the product. The other potential hazard of these products is that they can form hard build up if too much has been added that is virtually unremovable.

Finding the right ways to clear clogged drains in the Santa Cruz area will allow homeowners to clear clogged drains as safely as possible. Home owners who familiarize themselves with tools needed and questions to ask before a problem like this arises will be able to safely attempt to clear the clogged drain on their own. One of these questions may be what can I do to be prepared for the next clog? The answer may be very simple and that is making sure you have a plunger on hand.

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