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Prompt, respectful, and well-trained help for Aptos individuals and corporations. Our technicians have been fixing leaks and repairing garbage disposals, water pipes, pumps, gas lines, toilets, earthquake valves, and other plumbing for several years.

We are a Diamond Certified Plumbing Company and dedicated to providing local residents and businesses with quick and reliable plumbing and drain services. Call us if you are in Aptos, CA, and a leak or a clogged pipe is bugging you. Pipes, fixtures, and faucets should be fixed at regular intervals. The need for timely repairs is acute during an emergency when the time is of the essence.

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Duncan’s plumbers are best suited to handle regular repair jobs and answer emergency calls everywhere in Aptos, CA. In fact, when it comes to getting the process done quickly and correctly, no one compares to Duncan Plumbing.

We are one of the few plumbing teams in Aptos, CA, capable of doing the job correctly the first time. Our confidence in our ability to finish common plumbing and drain jobs in time has enabled us to offer you menu-pricing, whereby we take the risk of delays.

For all your residential or commercial plumbing needs in Aptos, CA, contact Duncan Plumbing!

Reliable Pros to Make Your Plumbing Problems History

The people of Aptos, CA, recommend Duncan Plumbing us to handle many plumbing circumstances. From very easy fixes to full re-piping, we have the experience and expertise to solve them all.

Expertise counts because plumbing is one of those jobs that should only be done by a widely experienced professional. Errors are expensive and can lead to health hazards.

Our pride in Aptos, CA, makes us the best choice for all of your plumbing and drain problems.

Are you looking to repipe with copper or PEX? Do you need pipes located or video inspected? Or, maybe you just have a blocked drain? Call us now.

Drain Cleaning Service in Aptos, CA,

We Are Professionals at Fixing All Sorts of Drain and Sewer Line Troubles

No matter how large or small the blockages in your drain

It’s easy for kitchen drains to get plugged up over the years. Even with a garbage disposal, large amounts of food being rinsed down the sink can cause a build-up of gunk and debris and slowly restrict the flow of water eventually causing a blockage.

The drains on the side of a building that direct the flow of water from rain gutters away from the walls is known as downspout drains. Because water only flows through these drains during rainy weather, they are typically neglected and can get filled with leaves, debris, and even the nests of small animals. Duncan Plumbing knows how to clear these complex clogs and keep your downspouts free to do their job!

Let the Respectable Plumbers at Duncan Plumbing Put Your Stress Behind You!

A clogged toilet drain is one of those things that can instantly ruin your day. Whether it’s caused by an overwhelming amount of toilet paper – or a toy car the anxiety that is caused by watching the water overflow the sides of the bowl is second to none. Duncan Plumbing will use a tool with a long cable that runs into the toilet drain and pulls out the clog. Leaving you to move on to more important things

Duncan Plumbing is proficient at handling a variety of bathroom plumbing issues and showers, sink, and tub drain blockages are among the more typical ones. The clogs that occur in these drains are usually caused by a build-up of hair and soap scum. The problem is a blockage in these drains causes standing water in the tub, sink, or shower – which are all places where you’re supposed to get clean.

If you have a floor drain in your garage or basement, you might be in the habit of rinsing chemicals or residue into it. A clog in these drains can present quite a problem, as it means a backup of caustic liquid that might be releasing toxic gases. Call the professionals at Duncan Plumbing to help with any floor drain blockages.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Aptos, CA

Let the Respectable Plumbers at Duncan Plumbing Put Your Stress Behind You!

Clogged toilets are just one of the many reasons you might need to contact an emergency plumber.

The toilet is a completely under-rated appliance and one that is totally taken for granted. It should always work when we need it to, right? If your toilet continually clogs, overflows, leaks, or doesn’t flush strongly – it’s possible the core problem is bigger than what a plunger can solve. Duncan Plumbing has the experience and the resources to any all types of plumbing emergencies.

The local residents and business owners have depended on us to manage all of their plumbing and drain needs. From very easy fixes to total re-piping, we have the expertise and skillful team members to service, repair & install any system. Plumbing is one of those things that should only be carried out by a widely experienced professional, errors are not only incredibly expensive to correct but can also create harmful health hazards over time. Let the responsible plumbers at Duncan make your hassles a thing of your past.

Broken Pipes (Water and/or Sewer)

A broken pipe is one of the examples of a plumbing emergency that can leave severe damage around your home. Thankfully, having a pipe actually break is relatively rare. However, the circumstances that cause a broken pipe happen fairly regularly. These include clogs causing mounting pressure on the walls of the pipe causing the pipe to break, and tree roots actually merging to the inside of the pipes and expanding the pipe until it cracks and breaks. During the crisis, the cause of the broken pipe is irrelevant, all that matters is that you have a trained plumbing professional there to help repair it – for that, you need to call Duncan Plumbing.

Drains that are Blocked

When it’s a simple fix, a drain that has a clog is just plain annoying. But, when the drain is so severely clogged that it’s causing wastewater and/or sewage to back-up and flood your yard – or worse – your house, it’s a crisis! There’s any number of reasons a drain can become blocked including; a malfunction in your sump pump, overflowing downspouts, and tree roots growing into the drain system. Duncan Plumbing is capable and experienced in handling all causes of blocked drains.

When water is spraying all over the floor of your kitchen because of a busted pipe, or your child’s toy has left your toilet disabled Duncan Plumbing is here to help! Our team of skilled plumbers can handle a variety of plumbing emergencies and will do so in a timely and professional manner!

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Aptos

Trenchless Pipe Technology is Growing Stronger?

The Duncan Plumbing team has the ability and know-how to install, repair, and maintain trenchless sewer and/or water pipe systems and has successfully completed several of these jobs across Santa Cruz County.

As the cities in the United States grow to be more and more populated, the need for trenchless pipe technology is growing stronger. The trenchless technique allows the pipeline to be installed without disturbing surface structures including; buildings, front yards, and landscape design. The process is good for switching out aging or busted water mains — and many other jobs that require water or sewer pipes to be replaced or updated. In the past, this was only possible by digging up the ground with excavators and various other tools, often times destroying the area being dug as well as the areas immediately surrounding. Lawns, gardens, driveways, and sidewalks were in most cases ruined in the interest of replacing pipes. The highly-skilled team at Duncan Plumbing are trained and proficient in “no-dig” styles and will complete your job with as little disruption as possible.

The Reason's Why the Warrant Water or Sewer Pipe's Require a Replacement.

Roots that have grown into causing clogs and other obstacles.
Your pipes are getting old.
Susceptible to oxidation.

Trenchless Technology Is an Innovative Procedure

Which enables the existing pipes to be completely replaced without having to dig trenches or remove structures that would normally impede work. These structures might include decks, garages, driveways, and sidewalks. The no-dig approach is a proven solution and is rapidly becoming the typical for many underground water and sewer pipe installations.

Benefits of a Trenchless Installation

  • Less expensive - in comparison with the cost and time investment of other options. Additionally, you will be spared the cost of having to replace your patio, deck, or garage because trenchless installation eliminates the need to dig.
  • Quick - most jobs can be completed in 2-3 days. Water and sewage structures are typically offline for only a few hours.
  • Clean and Low-Impact - You will see very little evidence of the installation as there will be no need to dig.

When water is spraying all over the floor of your kitchen because of a busted pipe, or your child’s toy has left your toilet disabled Duncan Plumbing is here to help! Our team of skilled plumbers can handle a variety of plumbing emergencies and will do so in a timely and professional manner!

Water Heater Repair & Installation

At Duncan Plumbing we are proficient at installing several types of water heaters.

Duncan Plumbing is devoted to offering our Aptos clients with punctual, polite, and reputable support.

Duncan Plumbing has experience with virtually all forms of residential and commercial water heaters. Our skilled plumbers will take the time to explain your possible choices and discuss the specific pros and cons for each. Our number one priority is, regardless of which type of water heater you decide to have us install, you will be 100% satisfied.

Standard Atmospherically Vented Tanked

This is frequently the most affordable and most reliable option and is the typical choice for residential needs. The drawbacks to these are increased operating expense and wasted space.


This option is additionally known as “on-demand” or “instant” water heaters. These names, however, are misleading because they insinuate that as soon as your faucet is turned on – the water will be hot. This is often not the case. Tankless water heaters are more highly-priced to set up, but save space in your home and have lesser working fees.


These water heaters are up to 97% efficient, they supply a lot of hot water and they have the most inexpensive operating costs. Additionally, they require minor amounts of maintenance and repair and will normally last the lifetime of your residence. While the initial investment is significantly more than that of a standard water heater – the long-term investment is by far a better one as these water heaters can be considered for a $1500 credit on your taxes.


This is a cost-effective, eco-conscious answer. The VELUX solar water heater system comes with a 5-year promise, and, as a VELUX partner, Duncan Plumbing is an advanced leader in this high-efficiency option.

Should I have a look at a conventional or a tank less water heater? What is a hybrid water heater? What range of tax credits can I look forward to? These are all questions the expert staff at Duncan Plumbing receive on a day-to-day basis, and we are happy to answer these concerns and more. No question is a poor question.
The decision of which water heater to have installed is an important one. Considerations such as the number of people in the household and how much your current gas bill is will influence your choice.

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About Aptos, CA

Aptos is a Santa Cruz County CDP with a population of a little more than 24,000. The city was founded 1833, when the area was still a part of Mexico. It was a small community until 1960, when rapid development began. Seacliff State Beach is in Aptos a popular destination for tourists. The community is also the birthplace of Thomas Pynchon, one of America's greatest contemporary writers.

Duncan Plumbing is devoted to offering our Aptos clients with punctual, polite, and reputable support. Our team of skilled plumbers can handle a variety of plumbing emergencies and will do so in a timely and professional manner!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a professional and experienced plumber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on if you are talking about water sewer or gas pipes. If you need this information, consult your local plumber.

Yes, Plumbers are the only type of contractor that is licensed to install gas lines in your home or business.

Yes, but not very effective towards clearing a blockage in a pipe.

Maybe, if you are qualified and your work does not encroach in the public right of way.

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A terrible day turned better

Review of Duncan Plumbing

Had a water leak. Duncan came quicker than expected. It was a leak in the main water line in my house. Thanks to Rats!! Nui was courteous, efficient, and quick working. My problem was fixed in no time. I will request him next time . Sorry about the price score. I just can’t get over the price of things.I know all plumbing is expensive.

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Thanks, Duncan plumbing!

Review of Duncan Plumbing

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Great response time and great service

Review of Duncan Plumbing

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Duncan Plumbing

Review of Duncan Plumbing

Duncan Plumbing sent out a very knowledgeable technician to assess a problem with our water heater. He was courteous and informative and on time!

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Fantastic Quick service

Review of Duncan Plumbing

Of course on a Sunday the plumbing backs up. Called Duncan because they are local to me and they came out took care of business no problem. Nui kicked butt on our sewer line. Showed me what the culprit was. Big Hairball! Double checked the line and we were good to go. Will use them again!

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Efficient Service

Review of Duncan Plumbing

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Very good service

Review of Duncan Plumbing

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The work performed was outstanding!

Review of Duncan Plumbing

Eric was great to work with. He explained the issue and gave us different options to choose from. The estimate was fair and the scheduling window given us was excellent.

AptosCA95003 36.9625-121.8875

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Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Skillful

Review of Duncan Plumbing

Our first experience with Duncan Plumbing was great- arrived on time, job done quickly, and gave some good advice.

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Service With a Smile

Review of Duncan Plumbing

Appreciated the annual maintenance reminder, getting a convenient appointment, and the text when Jorge was on his way. Jorge was on time, friendly, answered my questions, and seemed quite honest and genuine.

AptosCA95003 36.97-121.89

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