Yes, but not very effective towards clearing a blockage in a pipe.

Yes, Plumbers are the only type of contractor that is licensed to install gas lines in your home or business.

Yes, qualified plumbers are best suited to the size and install sump pumps and related systems.

Usually, yes. It will not affect your rates to call your insurance and inquire whether or not it is worth making a claim.

Usually, yes. You would need a 1.5" drain to connect 2 sinks together.

Depends on if you are talking about water sewer or gas pipes. If you need this information, consult your local plumber.

Typically, tankless water heaters or radiant heating systems make homes more desirable than homes without those features.

Maybe, if you are qualified and your work does not encroach in the public right of way.

ABS, PVC, and SDR piping are typical materials required for sewer pipes. Qualified plumbers or Local building inspectors can give you accurate information

If you get a building permit or are selling your home, they are required. It is also a wise idea if you experience a blockage as blockages can also be indicative of a damaged sewer pipe.

It depends. If the tank itself is leaking, no. But often it is hard to determine what is exactly leaking. Qualified plumbing can determine if the tank or a repairable fitting is leaking and advise you further.

Depending on your hot water needs, your home may be a good candidate for a tankless water heater. I always recommend a consultation at your home or business to discuss your needs and examine how difficult or easy y a tankless installation would be for you.

If you mean an instant water heater that produces extremely hot water for tea or coffee, the answer is no.