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When You Have Water Pouring out Where It Doesn’t Belong

Plumbing obstacles can have a disastrous outcome, putting not only your complete plumbing system but also your home and belongings at risk.

This can cause severe damage to your furniture and flooring. If you’ve got a plumbing disaster, contact Duncan Plumbing. We have the training and tools to manage all types of plumbing tragedies in a sensible and qualified style. Waiting to repair a plumbing problem, will lead to more sizable damages to your house and property. The fact is, dragging out the repair will probably even make a plumbing problem a whole lot worse by producing far more devastation to any and all of your pipes or drains. Duncan Plumbing has the experience needed to help us find and repair each predicament easily and proficiently.

Drain Cleaning Service - Santa Cruz CA

Clogged up Drains

Put in basic terms, a plugged up drain is a real inconvenience. But it’s a catastrophe in the case of the clog leading to wastewater to back up, simply because that can cause sewage to fill your home or business. Blockages can easily be a result of your sump pump failing, tree roots growing into the drainage system, and even overflowing or plugged downspouts.

Plugged Drains

Put in basic terms; a clogged drain is an annoyance. But it’s a dilemma in the event the blockage triggers wastewater to back up. This might cause sewage to fill your house or business if you don’t get plumbing assistance. Blocked drains can easily be caused by the failure of your sump pump, by tree roots that may have grown directly into the drainage system, and by overflowing or plugged downspouts. So if you have a plugged drain contact Duncan Plumbing today!

Clogged Toilet

The toilet is one of the most under-rated, yet chief commodities that we simply all take for granted. It’s just always supposed to work. In the event you have a constantly running toilet, numerous toilet clogs, overflows, bursts, or low flushing power, then the chief difficulty could possibly be larger than you can manage. When a jammed up toilet is bringing about a plumbing emergency at your home or office building, call Duncan Plumbing.

Plugged Toilet

Realistically, the toilet is probably the most under-rated, and yet most important commodities in our homes. And we all take it for granted. Until it stops working. Do you have a continuously running toilet? Frequent clogs, overflows, or leaks? If that’s the case than the situation could be too big to do alone. Anytime a congested toilet is causing a plumbing emergency at your house or workplace, call Duncan Plumbing.

Blocked Drains

When it’s a minor one, a blocked drain is an annoyance. But, when it’s severe and can’t be undone a blocked drain can quickly escalate into an emergency situation. Especially if the clog is causing wastewater to back up and sewage to flood your yard or your home. A few reasons that a drain might get blocked up are overflowing downspouts, a failure in your sump pump, and tree roots that have grown directly into your drainage system.

A busted pipe is a plumbing emergency that could cause serious concerns for your home! Although a burst pipe is an infrequent happening, the situations that cause them are typical. A pipe can burst simply because of protruding tree roots. When trees get bigger, their roots get bigger also. The roots will merge into the pipes and the end result is the pipes cracking and eventually bursting open. Also, a burst pipe could stem from abnormal pressure building up due to jammed up pipes. Regardless of what is causing a burst pipe, once it arises you will definitely want immediate assistance.

Water Pipes That Have Burst

When a water pipe bursts the amount of damage done can be overwhelming. Thankfully, this is a pretty rare occurrence, however, the events that cause pipes to burst are very common. These include: tree roots that have grown into underground pipes, unusual pressure on the pipe caused by an up line clog, and general wear and tear on already vintage pipes. In any case, when pipe bursts can water or sewage is flooding your home or yard, you want a plumber who can fix the problem quickly and accurately – you want Duncan Plumbing!

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    As local & licensed Santa Cruz, CA plumbers you can count on the experience & professionalism that Duncan Plumbing has built our name around. We feature highly-skilled and respectful plumbers who pride themselves on delivering tremendous customer satisfaction and optimum attention to detail.

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    The local residents and business owners have depended on us to manage all of their plumbing and drain needs. From very easy fixes to total re-piping, we have the expertise and skillful team members to service, repair & install any system.

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    Plumbing is one of those things that should only be carried out by a widely experienced professional, errors are not only incredibly expensive to correct but can also create harmful health hazards over time. Let the responsible plumbers at Duncan make your hassles a thing of your past.

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    We pride ourselves on providing our neighbors with the supreme level of residential and commercial plumbing products. Our community involvement and pride in our county make us a top-rated choice for all of your plumbing needs! Are you looking to re-pipe with copper or PEX? Do you have to have pipes located or video inspected? Or, maybe you just have a blocked drain? Our primary goal at Duncan Plumbing is to supply resolution to the irritations you have, however big or small.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but not very effective towards clearing a blockage in a pipe.

Yes, qualified plumbers are best suited to the size and install sump pumps and related systems.

Usually, yes. You would need a 1.5" drain to connect 2 sinks together.

Depends on if you are talking about water sewer or gas pipes. If you need this information, consult your local plumber.

Yes, Plumbers are the only type of contractor that is licensed to install gas lines in your home or business.

Typically, tankless water heaters or radiant heating systems make homes more desirable than homes without those features.

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