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What is a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Heat pump water heaters, or “hybrid water heaters,” operate by using a heat pump to efficiently warm water for domestic purposes. Unlike traditional electric or gas water heaters, these heaters transfer heat from the surrounding air or ground. 

In many cases, heat pump water heaters can produce as much as three times more heat energy than the electrical energy they consume. This makes these heaters highly eco-friendly and efficient, as well as impressively cost-effective. 

Heat pump water heater services santa cruz

Our Heat Pump Water Heater Services

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    At Duncan Plumbing, we help homeowners quickly and painlessly switch to heat pump water heaters. We’ll seamlessly manage the installation process and help simultaneously reduce your environmental footprint.

    As a Diamond Certified Plumbing Company, we’re the best team for the job in Santa Cruz. We’ve efficiently installed hundreds of water heaters, and we’re ready to help you make the change. Contact us for a cost estimate today.

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    On top of our installation services, we also offer expert care and maintenance for existing heat pump water heaters. Allow us to help you prolong your heater’s lifespan and optimize its performance by removing sediment buildup, inspecting components, and replacing broken or worn parts.

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    Have you encountered problems with your heat pump water heater? Our team is available for same or next-day diagnoses, and we conduct lasting repairs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our local and licensed plumbing technicians.

The Benefits of Heat Pump Water Heaters

Energy Efficiency

Heat pump water heaters use significantly less energy than traditional water heaters. By extracting heat from the environment rather than generating it, these heaters consume minimal electricity – resulting in fewer greenhouse emissions and a greener, more sustainable home.

Cost Savings

Homeowners can reap substantial savings due to heat pump water heaters’ energy-efficient operation and reduced heating costs. Additionally, many owners can take advantage of tax credits and rebates provided by their local and federal governments.


Heat pump water heaters tend to have longer lifespans and experience fewer problems in comparison to many other kinds of heaters. With adequate maintenance, they can often last up to 15 years, significantly outlasting conventional water heaters.

Is a Heat Pump Water Heater Right for You?

Heat pump water heater plumber

Heat pump water heaters are popular amongst many homeowners due to their energy efficiency and eco-friendly operations. However, they’re not the perfect solution for every household – and different sizes suit different homes.

Before installing any new kind of water heater, you need to know which size best suits your use requirements, space, and budget. A water heater that is too large may consume more energy than necessary, increasing your utility bills. Conversely, a unit that is too small may struggle to meet your household's hot water demands, resulting in frustration and inconvenience.

To determine if a heat pump water heater is the right choice for you, and which size you need, contact Duncan Plumbing. We’ll analyze your use patterns and other requirements, then provide a professional recommendation.

Why Hire Duncan Plumbing?

Live Responses 24/7

As a local and licensed Santa Cruz plumbing company, we’ve established a strong reputation based on our quick responses and professionalism. You can trust our team to deliver reliable, timely water heater installations and repairs with the highest quality standards.

Same or Next-Day Service  

When you run into issues with your water heater, you can’t afford to wait around forever for a fix. That’s why we respond to issues with a sense of urgency. Our technicians will promptly arrive at your home, armed with the necessary equipment and knowledge.

Respect for Your Home

Our team is committed to treating every client's home with the utmost respect and care. We take pride in our work, and we’ll ensure that your space is left clean, tidy, and in better shape than we found it. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, from start to finish.

One-and-Done Solutions

At Duncan Plumbing, we pride ourselves on offering highly efficient services rooted in years of expertise. Our technicians will do their best to resolve your plumbing issues on their first visit, ensuring a quick solution without unnecessary delays or inconvenience.

Duncan Plumbing Has Experienced Plumbers Ready to Serve You in the Following Communities:

  • Santa Cruz

  • Live Oak

  • Soquel

  • Scotts Valley

  • Aptos

  • Capitola

  • Rio Del Mar

  • La Selva Beach

  • Freedom

  • Watsonville

  • Ben Lomand

  • Bonny Doon

  • Boulder Creek

  • Los Gatos

  • Saratoga

  • Santa Clara

  • Felton

Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pump water heaters operate by transferring heat from the surrounding air or ground to heat the water in a storage tank. To achieve this, they rely on a cycle of evaporation, compression, condensation, and expansion of refrigerant fluid.

First, the refrigerant fluid evaporates, absorbing heat from an external source. Then, the compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant fluid before the heat is transferred to the water via a heat exchanger. This raises the water's temperature.

Finally, the refrigerant expands and returns to the heat exchanger to begin the process again. This heat transfer method is highly efficient.

Heat pump water heaters tend to work best in moderate to hot climates where there is a consistent heat source. They are somewhat less efficient in extremely cold climates, but they can still operate with supplemental heating or specialized designs.

In Santa Cruz’s temperate climate, heat pump water heaters are an excellent choice. Contact us to learn about making the switch.

How much do most homeowners save by switching to a heat pump water heater?

Most homeowners can expect to save anywhere from 25% to 50% when switching to heat pump water heaters. According to the Department of Energy, the average household can save up to $330 a year on electric bills and up to $3,400 over the average lifespan of their heat pump water heater.

However, individual savings can certainly vary depending on usage and other individual factors.

Heat pump water heaters do require adequate space for installation, including clearance for air circulation and ventilation. However, they are generally compact, especially in comparison to many other heating systems.

To learn if your home has a suitable location and proper airflow for a heat pump water heater, schedule a consultation with our plumbing technicians.

Heat pump water heaters can produce some noise, similar to the sound of a refrigerator or an air conditioner. In most cases, new models are quieter than older models.

If you notice excessive noise, your heat pump water heater may need maintenance or repairs. Contact Duncan Plumbing today to schedule an assessment. We’ll get to the root of the sound and provide you with a recommendation for repairs.

Typically, professional experience is necessary to effectively install a heat pump water heater, largely due to the complexity of electrical and refrigeration systems involved. Hiring a trained and certified plumbing contractor to perform the installation ensures safety, efficiency, and compliance with local building codes.

If you’re thinking of switching to a heat pump water heater, contact us. We’ll set up a preliminary consultation and provide you with a cost estimate.

Yes, most homeowners can combine a heat pump water heater with other heating systems, such as solar water heaters or traditional electric or gas heaters. This can help provide backup heating when necessary or further enhance energy efficiency and hot water availability.

To learn more about combining your heat pump water heater with another heating system, contact Duncan Plumbing. We’ll walk you through the entire process.

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