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Our plumbers are composed of specially trained individuals who take their plumbing careers seriously.  They are specifically trained in the technical areas of plumbing and plumbing diagnostics to ensure that your problems are repaired in a methodical manner to ensure that you don't have to call us again for the same problem.

Our plumbers are not only trained from the start, but they are enrolled in an ongoing training and review program to ensure that they are up to date with local plumbing codes, the latest water heater technology, performance, and repair techniques, and specialized equipment training. Another aspect that our plumbers are trained in is customer service. Customer service is our number one priority and our plumbers take it seriously.

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I came to Santa Cruz almost 20 years ago looking for opportunity. I was able to secure an apprenticeship in 1996. I opened Duncan Plumbing in 2000 with the hope to bring unprecedented plumbing service to each of our customers. I , along with my wife and two boys, are grateful to live in such a great diverse community. We love being a part of this community and strive to make it better every day.

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I have been with Duncan Plumbing since 2007. With a history of over 15 years as a bookkeeper for a number of local service companies, I am proud to work for a company that makes it a priority to provide a first class experience for every customer. Melanie is married with two children and was born and raised right her in Santa Cruz. She loves to spend time with her family enjoying the outdoors, traveling, reading a good book and volunteering for a number of organizations.

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I enjoy the Plumbing trade because I love helping people. Family is very important to me and I love watching my kids play sports!

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I believe it’s essential to begin each day with the things you are passionate about. As a Duncan Plumbing employee, I acquired skills that will remain a part of my every day life. As a Wyo tech graduate, I learned mechanics, auto body and paint. In my spare time I love to build Japanese cars, BBQ with my family and playing with my Great Dane.



"I originally acquired great customer service skills coming from 5 years in retail. I look forward to coming to work each day knowing that I can continue to take care of customers to the best of my ability. I did not start out in a plumbing trade, it has been a big change, but I look forward to learning more and I really enjoy this new career path.”

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I come from 4 generations of plumbers and have been in the industry for 20 years. I love the challenge that each project presents to me and and find great satisfaction in a job well done. I was trained as an apprentice in New York for 4 years and moved to Santa Cruz 16 years ago. During my time here, I met my wife and started a family. While I’m not working I’m busy home schooling my children and helping coach my son’s little league team in Watsonville.



"I grew up in the Inland Empire and moved to Santa Cruz in 2015. When I'm not at Duncan Plumbing you can find me at the gym, a scuba shop, or any local hot rod event. I enjoy spending my time outdoors, but I also appreciate staying home all day to bake."



"My experience with customer service began with 10 years in the medical field, which brought me to Santa Cruz in 2014. I enjoy working hard and learning new things. I love that at Duncan Plumbing the focus is to get the job done right, I am proud to work for a company that stands behind their work. "

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