Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Protected

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Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Protected

During the summertime, when the nights are warmer, it is only natural to cook outdoors and keep from heating up the kitchen for no reason. Cold meals like salads and pasta are a favorite over hot, heavy meals like stews and casseroles.

But, now that the temperatures have dropped and the fall season is officially here, kitchens are used a little differently this time of year to make hot, rich soups, savory pies, and dense sweet treats. All of this baking, stewing, and boiling makes for some very dirty dishes. And, the ingredients that are in season this time of year are tough and pulpy.

With all of the extra food preparation and clean-up happening inside during the cold weather season, it is important to use your kitchen plumbing and appliances accordingly. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Squash and root vegetables are in season this time of year and are great for stewing and baking. But, they are also tough on your kitchen appliances and plumbing system. When you peel these ingredients, make sure to put the peels in the garbage can instead of in your garbage disposal.
  • Using the Crockpot or baking a casserole are perfect ways to make a delicious dinner for your family. But, these dishes can be difficult to clean and will cause trouble for your dishwasher if they are not completely rinsed. Try using a sheet of tin foil to protect your casserole pan or crockpot bowl from getting food stuck to them. This makes clean-up a snap and protects your dishwasher.
  • If you make a roast or meatloaf, don’t pour the grease or oil into your kitchen drain. Get a tin can or another container to pour the grease into and throw it in the garbage. Pouring grease and oil into your kitchen drain will cause the disposal to get clogged and will gum up the blade so that it doesn’t rotate effectively.

Fall is officially here, which means it’s time to pull out all of your favorite cold weather recipes. Just make sure to follow these tips for protecting your kitchen appliances and plumbing from any breakdowns.

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