3 Plumbing Maintenance Tasks To Tackle This Summer

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Plumbing Maintenance Tasks

Santa cruz plumbingSummer is the perfect time of year for rest and rejuvenation. Not only is this important for your mind and body but, it’s also good for your home. In fact, with the extra hours of sunlight each day during the summer, this is the perfect season for taking on some maintenance projects around your home. Here are some of the top plumbing maintenance tasks that you should address this summer:

Venting. Rooms in your home like the bathroom and laundry room are notorious for having a lot of moisture in the air. This is usually because of the mixture of heat and water. In the bathroom this combo comes from the hot water running and in the laundry room it is a mixture of the wet clothes and the hot dryer. It is especially important to make sure that these rooms are properly ventilated and that the moisture is able to escape. If not, you could be faced with problems like wood rot and mold infestations. Moisture attracts pests into your home this time of year also, as they are looking for water to drink.

Caulking. For the most part, your plumbing system is contained within fixtures and pipes but, there are several areas in the home where water is supposed to escape – faucets for instance – and it is in these places that having a water tight seal is especially important. If water is allowed to drip behind a sink and into the countertop or cabinet that it is installed in, the results could be dire … and expensive. Make sure that all of the caulking seals on your sinks, countertops, and bathtubs are not dry, cracked, or missing pieces.

Leaks. During the summer time it is especially important to be vigilant about leaks outside of the home. This includes your sprinkler or irrigation system and garden hoses and bibs. Even a tiny leak can cause trouble, and if left uncheck because it is outside, the leak could go on for some time making the damage that much worse. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to make sure that all of your hoses are properly stored, and after mowing the lawn, test to make sure that none of the sprinkler heads were damaged.

Taking time out of your R&R time this summer to make sure that your plumbing is properly maintained will save you time and headache this winter.

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