3 Tips For Bathroom Safety For Your Children

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21807670_sHaving children in the home makes you think a little bit different about what is safe and what isn’t. Obviously, you wouldn’t let your children play in the garage if there are power tools and chemicals in there. But, did you know that children are statistically more likely to be injured in the bathroom than they are in the garage?

In fact, 81% of all injuries that are reported in emergency rooms each year occur in the bathroom. It’s a difficult concept to get your mind around but, more than 275,000 people each year learn the lesson, and the results can be devastating.

Thankfully, just knowing that your bathroom is a dangerous place is a big step in eliminating accidents. Next, you need to look around and determine where safety could be improved. Here are just a few tips for you to follow to get your bathroom up to safety standards:

  • Keep hazardous objects out of reach. This includes things like razors in the shower, shampoo and beauty products, medications, and cleaning chemicals. All of these items are kept in the bathroom and many times not much care is given to where they are kept. Adding child locks to the cupboards is a great way to ensure that chemicals and stored products don’t get into the wrong hands … mouth or eyes. Also, a shelf added to the wall above the shower is a great way to keep razors and shaving products up and out of reach.
  • If you have hair tools in the bathroom, make sure they are not left unattended. Also, when not in use they should be unplugged and stored. A small child is curious and can easily try and wash a curling iron while he is washing his hands. This will have disastrous consequences. Not to mention the obvious risk of a burn. A child could wind up with severe 3rd degree burns if they grab ahold of a hot curling iron.
  • Never set your water heater thermostat higher than 120 degrees. This is the ideal temperature as reported by the CDC for keeping everyone in the home safe from water burns. You will get plenty of hot water from a water heater set to 120 degrees, there is no need to turn it up. Not to mention turning it up will dramatically impact your electric bill.

January is National Bath Safety Month, celebrate by implementing these safety measures and more in your bathroom to keep your little ones safe. Once you start to look around the bathroom and think about where safety could be improved, you will have a sanctuary designed in no time!

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