Avoid These 3 Plumbing Mistakes

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Avoid Plumbing Mistakes

Santa cruz plumbingAll homeowners greatly value the investment they have made in their home. Not only the monetary investment but, also the investment of time and memories.

Their home is where they spend quality time with their family and where they are making memories. But, very few of them are thoughtful about how they interact with the various systems in their home.

For instance, the plumbing system is not thought of much – unless something has gone wrong. Mostly, people just think about the task that they need to get done – that their plumbing system is facilitating.

For instance, getting the dishes done after dinner but, before a favorite primetime television show comes on could not be accomplished without hot water.

Unfortunately, most people only focus on getting the dishwasher loaded and started before the beginning credits roll and, don’t notice that the seal on the door of the dishwasher is peeling and will soon begin to leak.

It is important to be thoughtful of your plumbing system, and also to avoid doing these things that will cause your system significant damage:

  • Now that the spring has arrived, you don’t have to think about this one too much, but make a mental note and maybe even mark it on your calendar to disconnect your outside hoses before the first cold snap of the winter. If your hose remains connected, then any water that is inside of it can freeze in the cold temperatures and cause significant damage to your outdoor plumbing system.
  • Don’t throw a bottle of drain cleaner down the drain at the first sign of a slow or stopped drain. These products are highly corrosive and will cause your pipes to breakdown and weaken. Make sure to read the label and only use as directed. And, do what you can to remove the clog manually before you put anything down the drain.
  • If you have a septic system – be kind. Don’t put chemicals or any kind of non-organic solids down the drains of your home as these could serious damage your septic system. Make sure to have your system inspected and pumped on a regular basis.

This is the perfect time of year to touch base with all of the various points and parts of your plumbing system. Coming off of the winter months and getting ready for summer – any issues that you identify can be repaired before they escalate to something much bigger.

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