Why Should I Flush My Water Heater?

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Flush Water Heaters

Spring cleaning can come in a variety of versions. Some people clean out their garage and have a yard sale, others might organize their attic and clean the clutter from closets. No matter what your plan of attack is for making the most of the spring weather – performing maintenance on your plumbing appliances is an absolute must.

All plumbing appliances in your home endure extra wear and tear during the winter months. Often times there are more people in your home during the holidays and when the weather outside is cold you and your family members spend more time “living” in your home. This is true for one appliance in particular – your water heater.

Almost all of the day to day activities of your household require the use of the water heater. Over the course of your water heater’s lifetime, sediment will build up at the bottom of your water heater tank. This layer of sediment acts as a barrier between the heating element and the water in your tank, causing the amount of time it takes the heat water up to be much longer.

Some of the benefits of flushing out your water heater include:

  • The process is simple. Turn the power and the water off to the water heater. Next drain the water from the tank either using a bucket or a hose. Finally, fill the tank back up with water.
  • The time it takes to heat the water is improved. Once the layer of sediment is flushed out of your water heater you will have removed the barrier so that the water is able to be heated directly by the heat source.
  • Lower your power bill. When your water heater is able to heat more efficiently, the amount of power that is used is lowered thus lowering your power bill.
  • Extend the life of your equipment. When the sediment in your tank is not flushed out the result is a build-up of scale on the inside walls of your water heater tank. This sediment will contribute to your water heater failing sooner than necessary.

Spring cleaning is a great way to give the areas of your home some attention and TLC after a long winter of being ignored. Your water heater is no exception and should be flushed annually to maintain longevity.

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