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Saving Energy With Your Dishwasher

Dishwasher Energy Tips Always was full loads, according to the Santa Cruz plumbing experts!  A dishwasher uses the same amount of hot water and energy whether it’s half-filled or fully loaded.  Use the rinse-and-hold cycle when you don’t have a full load. Let your dishes air-dry.  If your machine doesn’t have an Energy Saver switch…
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Quick Tips To Keep Bathrooms Clean

Bathroom cleaning tips Keep your bathroom sparkling clean in just 4 1/2 minutes a day.  Armed with a spray bottle of disinfectant cleaner, a sponge, and a paper towel, wipe down all bathroom surfaces.  Work from the cleanest (mirror) to the dirtiest (floor), covering the sink, tub, and toilet along the way. If you can’t…
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Solar water heating system prevent scaling corrosion

Prevent Scaling and Corrosion to Your Solar Water Heater

SCALING AND CORROSION PREVENTION Two major factors affecting the performance of properly sited and installed solar water heating systems include scaling (in liquid or hydronic-based systems) and corrosion (in hydronic and air systems). SCALING Domestic water that is high in mineral content (or “hard water”) may cause the buildup or scaling of mineral (calcium) deposits…
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Bathroom emergency plumbing santa cruz

Tips for a Clog-free Thanksgiving Day

Sluggish drains Thanksgiving A drain that runs sluggishly or is completely stopped up is usually clogged with grease, soap, hair, or a solid object. The pipes themselves are usually all right. As a preventive measure always use the toilet, not a sink, to dispose of semisolid waste. If your drains are sluggish before Thanksgiving company comes…
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Flooded basement sump pump replacement

Replacement Upgrade Your Sump Pump

Remove old sump pump A sump pump assists in removing water from a wet basement, transforming it into a usable space.According to the Santa Cruz plumbing expert, before you buy a sump pump, first identify the source of the water in your basement.  If water seeps into your basement because of a high water table,…
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Velux solar water heater - duncan plumbing

Home Maintenance Solar Water Heating Systems

No Hot Water Check that the solar water heating systems circuit breakers are in the “ON” position. Turn the switch on the timer to “ON” and wait 15 minutes. If the water doesn’t heat up, turn the timer switch and water heater circuit breakers off and remove the top access cover on the tank with…
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