New Water Heater Regulations

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Water Heater Regulations

22770876_sAs of April 16 the Department of Energy (DOE) will implement new water heater regulations for all residential gas, electric, and oil powered water heaters. These new regulations are in an effort to make water heaters more efficient and lower the energy bills for homeowners. However, with increased energy-efficiency comes an increase in the upfront cost of purchasing the water heater.

Those households with large water heating needs will likely pay more for a new water heater purchased after April 16. This is because tank water heaters that hold 55 or more gallons of water will have a dramatically increased energy efficiency. In fact, the current EF standard for a gas-fired water heater is 65% but, with the new regulations it will be 80%.

These regulations are only for the manufacturers of water heaters, not for homeowners. In other words, if you currently have a water heater that is working just fine and doesn’t need to be replaced, there is no need to go out and purchase one of the new more energy-efficient models. However, it is important to know that when it does come time to replace your water heater, the upfront cost will have increased as you will be purchasing one of the new more energy efficient ones.

Some ways that the new water heater regulations will impact you are:

If you purchase a water heater after April 16, it will be more expensive than water heaters you have purchased in the past.

When you do purchase a new water heater you can expect to see considerable savings on your monthly power bill.

Your existing water heater will be easily replaced because the new models are only about one to two inches bigger in diameter and/or in height.

If you currently have your water heater in a tight with no room for expanding, you might need to have your water heater installed elsewhere in the home.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new regulations, contact our office. Saving money and resources is important to all of us.

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