Quick Tips To Keep Bathrooms Clean

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Bathroom cleaning tips

Bathroom-cleaning-tipsKeep your bathroom sparkling clean in just 4 1/2 minutes a day.  Armed with a spray bottle of disinfectant cleaner, a sponge, and a paper towel, wipe down all bathroom surfaces.  Work from the cleanest (mirror) to the dirtiest (floor), covering the sink, tub, and toilet along the way.

If you can’t get around to cleaning the bathroom every day, sponge down the tub, shower, and sink with a liquid disinfectant cleaner at least once a week.

Use a cloth moistened with vinegar to rub away hard-water spots and soap scum from chrome faucet handles and drains.  Dry and polish with a soft cloth.

Cleaning mold and mildew

Prevention is the best method for eliminating mildew.  After showering, keep the shower curtain extended (not bunched) so it can dry thoroughly.  Clean your bathroom regularly with disinfectant and keep it as dry and well ventilated as possible.

Exhaust fans (vented to the outside) and built-in heaters (in the ceiling where they won’t cause burns) do a good job of removing excess moisture from the bathroom.  When it’s dry outside, leave the window and curtain open.

Machine-wash (gentle cycle) colorfast plastic shower and window curtains in warm water.  Add water conditioner to remove soap curd.  Hand to dry.  If the curtains are mildewed, add 3/4 cup chlorine bleach to the wash cycle.

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