4 Useful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

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4 Useful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems - Santa Cruz CA

Four handy tips from your local plumber to keep your plumbing in shape and save you time, money, and much frustration.

Don’t Use a Plunger to Remove Hard Objects from Toilets and Drain

That will only worsen the problem by pushing the object—which can be a comb, toothbrush, or toy—deeper into the toilet or drain. A more efficient method to clean the obstruction will be to suck out the water and the object with a dry or wet vacuum. Failing this method, the toilet should be removed to extract the object without the possibility of the object entering the piping system.

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Avoid Flushing Troubles During a Plumbing Project with Buckets

Ask the plumber to keep at least two-gallon buckets handy for you before turning off the water supply. Those buckets will prove useful during the project because you will not have to run to your neighbor’s washroom. Flushing the toilet with a gallon bucket is usually as efficient as using the bowl.

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Find Tiny Supply Leaks with Tissues

Leaks under the kitchen sink or in the bath can go undetected for a long time. The water seeping out of these tiny leaks can damage the sink base. For most humans, even professional plumbers, the sense of touch is adequately sharp to detect these tiny leaks. Get around this problem with tissues. Rub a dry tissue on the pipe and look for a wet spot.

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Unclog Bath Drains Without Chemicals

Eighty percent of the time it is human hair or gunk that is clogging the tub drain. The problem can be fixed without resorting to expensive chemicals. Remove the stopper and fish out the obstruction with a chopstick- or crochet-like object.

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DIY plumbing is quick and inexpensive if you know what you are doing. The common problems touched on in this post are rather simple. But if you aren’t entirely confident of your skills or have a more complex issue at hand, call the expert plumbers at Duncan Plumbing. These guys have been serving households and businesses in Santa Cruz for many years.

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