Installing a Whole-house Water Filtration System

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Water Filtration System

Water filtration systems

Drinking water whole house filtration systemsA whole-house water filtration system is installed along the supply pipe carrying water to the house, located after the water meter, but before any other appliances in the pipe line. A whole-house system reduces the same elements as an under-sink system and can also help reduce the iron flowing into the water softener, prolonging its life.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for your particular unit which you can purchase at your local Santa Cruz plumbing supply company. If your electrical system is grounded through the water pipes, make sure to install ground clamps on both sides of the filtration unit with a connecting jumper wire. Globe valves should be installed within 6″ of the intake and the outtake sides of the filter.

Filters must be replaced every few months, depending on type of manufacturer. The filtration unit cover unscrews for filter access.

Plumbing Pro Tips to Share

• Shut off main water supply and turn on faucets to drain pipes. Position unit after water meter, but before any other appliances in supply pipe. Position unit after water meter, but before any other appliances in supply pipe.
• Measure and mark pipe to accommodate the filtration unit.
• Cut pipe at marks with a pipe cutter. Join water meter side of pipe with intake side of unit, and house supply side of pipe with outtake side of unit.
• Tighten with a wrench.
• Install a filter and screw filtration unit cover to bottom of the filtration unit. Attach a jumper wire to pipes on other side of unit, using pipe clamps.
• Open main water supply lines to restore the water supply.
• Allow faucets to run for a few minutes, as you check to make sure that the system is working properly.


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