Winterizing A Winter Home or Cabin

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Winterizing Winter Home or Cabin

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Preventive plumbing tips are provided to avoid working with water in cold weather.  If these tips are followed before a cold spell, homeowners will be able to relax and know that expensive repairs will not be necessary.

Winterize a summer home or rental propertyIf a cabin or summer cottage or home will be left unheated during the winter, take steps to prevent pipe damage due to freezing water.  In addition to the steps offered in this week’s plumbing tips, say the Santa Cruz plumbing experts, turn off the main shutoff valve and open a pipe nearby to let water drain out.

Next, drain all water-using appliances, such as the dishwasher an clothes washer.  If the cabin or rental property has hot-water heat, drain the heating system.  Some summer homes have small drain valves on the pipes; open them.

Plumbing Pro Tip of the Week

Tip #1  Pour about 2 cups of antifreeze into every shower and floor drain trap.

Tip #2  Even after raining the system, water will remain in traps.  Pour about 3 cups of full-strength antifreeze into every toilet bowl.

Tip #3  Drain each accessible trap before adding the antifreeze.

Tip #4  Pour about a cup of antifreeze into each sink.

Tip #5  Drain each stop valve.

At the electrical service panel shut off power to an electric hot water heater.  If the heater is gas, shut off the gas that runs to it.  After shutting off power or gas, drain the water heater.  Drain all hose bibs that go to the outside.  Drain your well pump.

When temperatures drop below freezing:
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