Alternatives to Open Trench Sewer Repair

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Leaking sewer lines and joints

Sewer line repair santa cruz plumbingStop accepting that nauseating sewer smell coming from your basement. No homeowner should ever have to avoid “the basement” because of a foul smell or black, greasy puddles of sewage, says the most referred Santa Cruz plumbing specialist. If your sewer has misaligned and/or the joints in your sewer line are leaking, it not only is unpleasant, but it is extremely hazardous to your family’s health.

When the joints allow sewer water to leak out of the sewer and seep back into the sump pit in the basement, by way of the drain tile around the house, a Santa Cruz plumbing professional must be called. The standard in plumbing and drain emergency sewer line repair has always involved opening a trench to expose the damaged sewer and sewer drain pipe lines, in order to replace it. This would have involved breaking the concrete sidewalk alongside the house, digging down to expose the sewer line and replacing the old sewer.

Once the sewer was replaced the homeowner would have been faced with the additional cost of restoring the sidewalk back to normal. The homeowner can expect major destruction to the property and a long, tedious and unsightly “war zone” from 24-60 hours, or more.  According to your local Santa Cruz plumber, modern technology has equipped the modern plumber with high definition cameras and now, after confirming the speculated diagnosis, innovative, alternative solutions are available to open trenching sewer line repair.

PLUMBING TRADE SECRETS:  With a single entry point placed strategically rather than randomly, the sewer line is cleaned and a liner is inserted sealing all the joints, preventing water from leaking out of the sewer and into the drain tile. This exclusive product, now available to homeowners, by professional plumbing of Santa Cruz technician , will cure in about 6-8 hours, prevents root intrusion, creates one continuous pipe and can make 22, 45, and 90 degree turns.

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