Trenchless Sewer Repair A Better Option

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Trenchless-pipe-repair-dantavicca-03-08-2012Traditional excavation is a high-impact way to do sewer pipe repair or replacement in Santa Cruz. For some problems, it’s the only option. But why dig if you don’t have to?

Trenchless sewer repair uses the latest technology to reinforce your old damaged sewer pipe with durable modern plastic pipes. This noninvasive method uses just one entry point and usually takes just one day!

Why Is Trenchless A Better Option?

Trenchless is a Better Option:

  1. Saves Money
  2. Saves Time
  3. Not Invasive
  4. Not Disruptive
  5. No Damage to Repair
  6. No Long-Term Labor Costs
  7. Your New Pipes will last a lifetime!
  8. Trenchless Sewer Repair is a simple 3-Step Process.


A torpedo-shaped metal bursting head is attached to a steel cable that is pulled through the existing sewer line to burst the pipe. The existing line is just a conduit to pull the new pipe through.  Then, according to the most referred Santa Cruz plumber, a cable is pulled through the pipe first.  It is then connected to a bursting head. The head is attached to the new pipe. The bursting head splits the existing pipe and pushes it out of the way as the new pipe is pulled through.

The new pipe is the same inside diameter as the old. If required, it’s even possible to increase the size of the pipe. Very little damage is caused to the new pipe in this process. Usually just some light scratches.  The pipe that is used, called HDPE, is a much heavier plastic than ABS or PVC and better withstands the earth movement common to the Santa Cruz plumbing area.  HDPE pipe is fused together resulting in a no-joint line from end to end. It’s superior to no-hub cast iron in that there are no joints where roots can penetrate the pipe.

This method of sewer replacement requires only a hole at each end of the line rather than digging a trench the entire length of the line, as required by more conventional methods. Our qualified trenchless sewer repair plumbing contractors can be in and out in a day.  Here is our 3-step process:

Step One
We do a camera sewer inspection to diagnose the problem and develop a clear plan for the work that needs to be done. This video inspection lets us see the size of pipe and condition prior to starting any work.

Step Two
We access the pipe from its shallowest point. Once the scope of the repair is determined, we completely clean the pipe with both a hydro-jetter and a mechanical snake. Then a new liner is inserted into the host pipe and left to cure.

Step Three
After the pipe has fully cured, the new liner is inspected again to ensure free flow all the way to the city main. Once the camera sewer inspection is complete, the pipeline is returned to service and can be used right away.

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Scott Duncan


  1. Avatar for Scott Duncan Nash Rich on March 2, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    I had never heard of trenchless repair till now. I actually sounds really interesting with some cool engineering involved. I seems like the better option too, considering how much cheaper and noninvasive it is. Thanks for teaching me something new today!

  2. Avatar for Scott Duncan Mike on April 10, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    I just started a sewer repair business and have just begun to research more about trench-less repair. Seems like I better get with the times and start offering trench-less repair soon! Thanks for the info! : )

  3. Avatar for Scott Duncan expert plumber on June 6, 2017 at 1:29 am

    Amazing stuff! I really impressed to read the information that you have posted here. Keep doing the great work up.

  4. Avatar for Scott Duncan Sam Li on March 25, 2019 at 10:24 am

    I love what you said about trenchless repair and how it saves time and money. Sewer repair should be done by experienced professionals. If I had a damaged sewer line, I’ll make sure to find the best plumber around.

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